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Training Summary – W/E 2014-08-31

Mon: Treadmill run & gym
Tues: MAF Test & gym
Wed: Run & Londonskate
Tues: Rest
Fri: Treadmill run, Gym, Cycle commute & LFNS lead!
Sat: Long run
Sun: Recovery jog


Running: 8hrs
Skating: 2.25hrs
Other: 2hrs
Overall training load: 89.38


Muchos running this week.. a lot of it on the treadmill, for various reasons.  I have actually now found that I am slightly faster on the open road than I am on the treadmill (0.5% incline), although this could easily be the cooling effect of running out in the open helping keep my heart rate lower.

The overall training load is my attempt to summarize the total exercise stress, based upon volume and intensity of each workout. This week’s figure of 89.38 is the highest I have posted yet.

Highlight of the week was the Long run – first 12km felt great, and I felt that I could maintain a faster pace at MAF pace. Nats joined me for a bit and so the effort dropped for an hour and  we went running on some trails in Wimbledon Common, and then I posted another hour and a half after at slightly above MAF pace for a total of 34km in just under 4hrs.  Race pace I’m aiming to go somewhat faster than that, but the point of the long run is to get build endurance and get your body used to being on its feet for that length of time.


I finally finished reading Maffetone’s “Big Book of Endurance Racing & Training” bible – so much good stuff. I’ll do it full justice in a writeup soon.

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