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PaleoRunner Interview; 2015 Race Calendar; Training Log

It was a pleasure for me to have been recently interviewed for episode 91 of PaleoRunner Podcast. I talked with Aaron about weight loss and fat-adaption on a LCHF diet and how this translated to a breakthough year for me in 2014, as well as inline marathons, my experience at the Berlin skate/run double marathon, getting into running, and recently making the switch to minimalist running – check it out if you when you have a chance!

2014 ended on a personal high and I was honoured to have received the “most improved skater” of the year award, voted for by the LSST coaching team. 🙂

2015 Races & Goals

Next season will be centered around another gargantuan effort at the Le Mans 24hr solo category – still very much in love with this race and it will be my 7th consecutive Le Mans.  Winter Training is already well underway, and things will get much more serious in the coming weeks and months.

Before that, however, I have an early season (running) marathon booked – the Thames Meander Marathon on 15th March. My marathon training programme will include the Old Deer Park Richmond Half Marathon as a warm-up race.  My aerobic pace has continued to slowly improve over the winter despite only logging 4-5hrs running a week (compared to the 8-9hrs I was logging in Aug/Sept), and I’m fully expecting that as I ramp up volume in the next 7 weeks there’ll be more gains still to come.  If anything, this winter has shown to me that you don’t need to constantly be logging more hours to see improvement, so long as you are doing the right things.

As a late summer “something different” race, I’ve entered the London Duathlon Ultra; again it’s very local to me, which is a big part of the attraction.  The Ultra distance consists of a 20km run/77km bike/10km run, and it will be my first go at dipping my toe into a multi-event sport.

No doubt there will be a couple more races added (I’d like to do some more skating events for sure), but Le Mans is my A race, with the marathon and the Duathlon as my B races for this season.

Training Log Update

Training block B summary

Training block B summary

I wound up this 4-week block with everything having gone prtty much as I wanted.  Looking at the hours logged, I actually spent most time on the bike – that’s not even counting the time I spent commuting on bike to and from work, which usually comes to an hour and a half a week which I don’t bother to log (file this under “easy recovery”).  I did inject some intensity into the last couple of weeks. Why? Because long slow/zone 2 training is wonderful… until it isn’t; as with anything, diminishing returns will kick in without you doing something to mix it up; the body becomes as adapted as it is going to get without a different stimulus. I’m certainly not neglecting the aerobic base at this stage, I’m just giving the body something different to adapt to.

The next block of training will see a modest increase in training volume; bike volume will be cut, while run and skate volume will be increased.  Additionally, I’ll be ramping up my strength & conditioning programme, with 2 gym sessions/week using heavier weights (6-7 reps per set). I want to get strong!  I’m still doing a mixture of the Kinetic Revolution 30 Day Challenge, and a daily offskate exercise routine; 15-20 minutes session, 5 or 6 times/week.  This combination has really made a noticeable difference in the last 2 months. I highly recommend it to anyone – runner, skater, or both!

Priorities for next training block:

  • Increase running volume
  • Marathon specificity – weekend long runs
  • Increase strength
  • More outdoors skating

Lastly, as we being to ramp up volume and intensity, we need to think more about our Recovery, which is just as important as Training. I will write much more about this in a future post.

One comment on “PaleoRunner Interview; 2015 Race Calendar; Training Log

  1. Aaron Olson
    January 12, 2015

    It was great talking with you on the podcast Van!


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