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Dot dot dot… dash dash dash… Dot dot dot… “He’s alive, captain!”

Hello out there, to the whole worldwide blogosphere.. and to anyone else that may be reading.

It’s been ages.

But – I am back! Well, OK, that might be stretching it a bit. Let’s just say I’m checking back to make sure I don’t lose the domain… and maybe give you an update of what I’ve been doing lately.

In true cliffhanger style, at the time of my last postcard we were on the verge of the Barcelona marathon back in, er, March… I think. Well that one did NOT go according to plan at all. The full race report is something that will only happen in person over a very large glass of wine, but suffice to say that it kicked my ass, and I ended up trotting in 15 minutes outside of my target time. 

Failure is always your best teacher, however and painful lessons were learnt that day, which we take onboard and move forward onto….

Berlin (2016 edition)

Ah yes. So it’s Berlin skate/run marathon time again and I find myself back in this wonderful city on the eve of my 2nd double start, repeating my efforts from 2014. 

 However, unlike 2014, I’m going into this weekend very under-trained and nowhere near as fit as I would like to be.  That’s entirely on me – I haven’t made the time to train or push myself to do much to keep myself race-sharp over the summer.  I felt flat and disappointed after Barcelona and made the decision to just chill out this year and not aim too high. Sometimes it is more than fine to take your foot off the accelerator.

So my expectations are low, which begs the question:

Why am I even here?

I hate that I’m undertrained and likely to fall well short of PRs on both fronts. As far as I’m concerned if I’m not in shape to bust the hell out of the race then I shouldn’t even be racing. And it’s not even like I’m making the most of my time here and soaking up the culture and enjoying the city. I’ve just hung around the hostel, keeping a low profile and kinda wishing I was at home. 

I’ve pondered on this, and I think I have an answer. I’m here and ready to put myself out there again because it’s what I do. One of the most insightful pieces of wisdom that I recently heard was from coach Jason Fitzgerald who said words to the effect of:

“I’m not a big fan of motivation – it’s fleeting. I’m a much bigger fan of discipline; it’s much more reliable over the long term.

You are best served if you get into the habit and the routine of exercise and training on a consistent basis. Consistency is the secret sauce.”

Boy, did he just smash it, or what?? Talk about looking in the mirror for the answers.

While it is pretty clear that I’ve been lacking motivation over the summer, that doesn’t mean that I’ve completely lost my discipline. I still try to move enough that I’m a fit and healthy human being. I still eat what I consider an unprocessed and natural diet. Movement and healthy food have become habitual to me now. But I’m not obsessing over either or beating myself up when I fall short of ideal standards. 

So, I think and hope that I’m here in Berlin once again because it’s become habitual now. I have become that person who “skates and runs marathons” instead of a falling into the trap of being someone who once ran or skated a marathon or two. That’s a nice thought given my lack of training miles this summer. 

Both races are likely to hurt a bit more than usual, but in a way it will be all the more rewarding for it. Discipline has kept things ticking over, and that will stand me in good stead for a time when I do have loftier goals and motivation is perhaps slightly easier to come by.

Hopefully it won’t be another 6 months before I check in again. Oh, and I didn’t even mention the Duathlon!

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