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Why everyone should attempt something way beyond their ability

As I’m sure you’re painfully aware, the Western world holds its collective breath to see which despot we are unfortunate saddled with for the next 5% of our lifetimes. People from all angles fight their corner as if it is a matter of life or death, and to support their cause they are quite prepared and willing to say that down is up, left is right, bigger is smaller, and black is white. I am not apolitical, but it turns my stomach to see normally rational, intelligent people lose their capacity for rational thought under a charade.

So, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that if you place too much faith in any sort of a higher collective, you’re massively shortchanging yourself in life. Because at the end of the day, whichever way you lean, however hard you lean, it isn’t about which leader or guru you subscribe to or which group is in the ascendency. It’s about you. The goals you set yourself, the work you put in, the dozens of seemingly tiny decisions you make every single day…. These all have a thousand times the power to improve you life and the lives of those you wish to influence than will the empty promises of someone trying to win a national popularity contest. 

One of the truths about doing something stupidly “out there” like an ultramarathon is that it is, primarily, about you. You can hire the best coach, bring an entourage of pit crew, try to make it someone else’s responsibility in any number of ways, but at the end of the day, stripping it down to the bare bones.. when you are cold and tired and all that is keeping you going is, well… you, then you find out value of haughty words versus the true value of humble everyday actions, and there are usually some some pretty valuable life lessons on the table right there. 

So don’t worry, whoever “wins” tomorrow has far less power to either help or harm you than you might think. Look around and you will see there wildly successful and less successful people from all walks of life, who happily hold polar opposite beliefs. What steers their course in life and what matters is how they apply themselves to the goals they have, not which flag they callously wave.

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