Endurance Skating

Training, Racing & LCHF Fueling For Skating And Endurance Sports

Who I read


Peter Attia – The Eating Academy
Possibly THE best blog science-of-food type blog. If you are new to the idea of low carb for health and athletic performance, start here.

Phil Maffetone
The Guru of endurance training. Maffetone preaches a holistic approach to training and emphasizes general health as the foundation of performance. His methods have revolutionized the way athletes train and race.

The Sock Doc
Incredible wealth of health and fitness information here. Smart advice on how to eat, fuel, train and recover.

Tim Noakes – The Noakes Foundation
Professor Noakes is one of the world’s foremost sports scientists based in Cape Town. In his distinguished career he has researched and written on Hyponatremia, the Central Governor model of exercise performance, and is now a full LCHF advocate.

Natural Running Center
Dr Mark Cucuzella’s site is a fantastic resource for minimalist running and Aerobic training.



Alan Couzens’ Blog
Simply a kick-ass blog that focuses on the Principles of Training for endurance. Just about all endurance athletes can enrich their knowledge from these articles!

Joe Friel
Joe should need no introduction for his work in the world of long course Triathlon. Train. Improve. Rinse & Repeat.



Most of these are available on i-Tunes also.

Endurance Planet – http://www.enduranceplanet.com/
FitFatFast – http://www.fitfatfast.com/
Ben Greenfield Fitness – http://www.bengreenfieldfitness.com/
Vinnie Tortorich – http://vinnietortorich.com/
SportsCoachRadio http://sportscoachradio.com/
PaleoRunner – http://www.paleorunner.org/
The Triathlete Training Podcast – http://triathletetraining.com/
Trail Runner Nation – http://trailrunnernation.com/


Books Reviews


The Big Book Of Endurance Training & Racing
Phil Maffetone

On Top Of Your Game
Carrie Cheadle


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